LED Light Bulbs

GreenTorch™ Par 20 LED Light Bulbs

The easy, long-lasting, ultra-energy efficient lighting solution

The GreenTorch PAR 20 Light Bulb, with its generic screw-in Edison base, is a cutting-edge LED light bulb ideal for many different applications. GT PAR20 LED & MR16 LED Light BulbsFrom reading lights to ceiling fans, the PAR 20 LED bulb is the perfect long-life, ultra energy-efficient lighting choice.

Blue-white compact fluorescent light is now a thing of the past. The PAR 20’s cutting-edge LED's are more energy efficient than comparable compact fluorescent bulbs and provide superior light color and quality. Compared to a 40-watt incandescent bulb, our PAR 20 operates at only 9 watts, saving you money through reduced power consumption.

Imagine not changing your light bulbs for 20 years. The GreenTorch PAR 20 LED light bulb’s 50,000 hour life span makes this a reality. Forget climbing on ladders or using long pole contraptions to change light bulbs, the increased life span of our bulbs means not having to buy replacement bulbs for years. When you couple the PAR 20’s long life span with its superior energy efficiency it makes this LED light solution a no brainer.

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs pollute our environment with heat and greenhouse gases. The GreenTorch PAR 20 produces very little heat and almost no carbon emissions; by switching to GreenTorch LED light bulbs you will help the environment while bringing down your energy costs.

Where these were used?
In Los Angeles California stands the Pegasus building. On the front entrance are several sconces that are IP65 rated with sealed lenses. There are two bulbs per sconce, one pointing upwards and another pointing downwards. The sealed lenses were often having to be unscrewed in order to replace the bulbs. Thwere were multiple screws per face. The height of the top portion of the fixture and the nearby planters made access to the sconces sometimes unpleasant. The bulbs being used were dying every 3 to 4 months. The energy being consumed per scones was easily over 100 watts.

What are the benefits of the Greentorch Par 20 LED for Pegasus?
The immediate benefits were several:GT LED PAR 20

  1. Increased Life Span of bulbs by over 1000%
  2. Decreased Labor Costs
  3. Improved Asthetics with Stable Lighting
  4. Removed the constant shuffling of the planters to replace bulbs.
  5. Allowed maintenance to do spend their time doing other tasks
  6. Reduced stress of water tight seals of fixtures
  7. Reduced energy consumption by 75%
  8. Decreased the need size for shelf space and purchasing activies
  9. Synchronized bulb colors

Would CFL work?
Yes, but the useful lumens to the surface with Greentorch LED were superior than CFL. Also, the design of the sconce intended for ligth to be directed upwards and downwards. The useful spectrum of light for the CFL spiral would not have served the design. Furthermore, CFL uses mercury and has a shorter life span. Furthermore, though CFL is improving quickly to accomodate a wider array of fixtures, the lumens per watt, asthetic color accuracy and multi fixture light output stability over the life of the bulb are much better with the LED.