There are many aspects to consider when choosing components for your lighting system. These aspects include: specific lighting patterns, system lifespan, product wattage, the installation location, aesthetic appeal and/or environmental impact. Greentorch’s energy-efficient LED’s can fulfill all of your lighting needs. Our LED’s have the newest, cutting-edge technologies that are ideal for all different types of applications. Whether it is a residential, commercial, or retail application, Greentorch LED’s are the way to go.

The easiest way to see value in these LED’s is to compare the statistics with other commonly used bulbs. An average 20-35 watt incandescent Halogen MR16 typically lasts 3,000 hours. Greentorch’s LED MR 16 runs on only 3 watts, lasting 50,000 hours. Due to these reduced energy and maintenance costs, these LED’s pay for themselves in under a year. Greentorch’s entire LED product line is rated for a 50,000-hour lifespan and consume 80-90% less electricity than their traditional equivalents.

Greentorch’s LED line also offers an 8-10 year lifespan, practically eliminating operating, maintenance, and labor costs from your lighting system. Our products also emit little to no heat, contain no mercury, and are easily recyclable, making them eco-friendly option. Our bulbs are offered in a variety of different colors and light patterns to meet your specific needs.

Greentorch’s LED lighting products were put to the test in Pharmaka, a nonprofit art gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. Pharmaka was operation on an incandescent lighting system that used 4,000 watts. The light was overbearing on the artwork and produced an uncomfortable amount of heat in the gallery. Greentorch reduced the art gallery’s energy consumption 90% to 400 watts, saving Pharmaka over $6,000 in energy and maintenance savings over a five-year period. Using different Greentorch LED’s for general illumination and accent lighting purposes created a sense of balance that was unattainable from previous generations of LED’s.

Mark Mastrandrea