How to Test Emergency Lights

Testing emergency lights is important for building safety and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance. Most emergency lights feature small internal batteries that constantly charge while hard-wired to your electrical system. When AC power to the building or facility is lost, these battery systems provide power for emergency operation. The battery backup and emergency lamp heads must be tested for 90 seconds every month and 90 minutes once a year to comply with OSHA standards.EL65 emergency light

Testing emergency lights is simple. The majority of emergency light models feature a simple push-to-test button that temporarily shuts off AC power and tests the battery. When this button is pressed the lamp heads should illuminate. If the unit’s lamp heads do not illuminate then the battery is most likely not functioning correctly.

Greentorch carries a full line of emergency light replacement batteries. Call us today to talk to with a battery technician who can help you find the right replacement battery for your unit. Depending on the type of unit, it can be more cost-effective to purchase an entire new emergency lighting unit as opposed to just a battery. Purchasing a new Greentorch emergency lighting fixture will give you a great look and five-year warranty.

Click here to see our selection of emergency light Batteries.

Our most popular emergency light is the EL-1. The Greentorch EL-1 is constructed from durable ABS thermoplastic and features two 5.4-watt incandescent lamps that can be pivoted both horizontally and vertically for maximum maneuverability. The EL-1 is available in white or black and comes standard with a push-test button. A small nickel-cadmium battery provides reliable emergency operation.

Click here for the EL-1 series product page.EL-1 Emergency Light

A number of our higher-end emergency lights can be outfitted with self-testing and/or infrared testing. Self-testing emergency lights perform the 90-second test and 90-minute test each month and once a year, respectively. The results are indicated with a red or green LED indicator light. Infrared testing emergency lights perform a self-test and the results can be recorded through an included handheld infrared remote.

Greentorch carries indoor and outdoor emergency lights. The WVHEL is our most affordable wet-location emergency light and features compact MR16 halogen bulbs that provide powerful illumination. The WVHEL uses a polycarbonate shield to protect it from the elements.

Click here for the WVHEL series product page.

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