Cheap Exit Sign

A cheap exit sign is an exit sign at an affordable price. Greentorch offers the most affordable exit signs with the highest quality control standards. Our exit signs are cost effective, giving you a great purchase price with minimum operating costs for up to 25 years depending on the model chosen. Greentorch electrical exit signs use energy efficient LEDs to provide bright, even illumination while using less than five watts electricity on average. Available in colors of red or green, our LEDs have an estimated lamp life of 8 to 10 years. This translates into minimal electricity and maintenance costs. If you are replacing a conventional incandescent exit sign, installing an LED exit sign can save you about $50 a year in operating costs per sign replaced.

The EXIT series thermoplastic LED exit sign is our most affordable model. Suitable for indoor installations, the EXIT series is capable of top, side, and back mounting configurations. Housing color choices include black and white. One backplate and two faceplates come standard for single and double-sided installations.

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Greentorch non-electrical exit signs are great for installations where electricity is not easily available. Instead of running electricity to where you need the exit sign installed, save the cost of hiring an electrician and install a Greentorch non-electrical exit sign. Our exit signs utilize two types of technology: photoluminescent and tritium.

Photoluminescent exit signs use industrial-grade photoluminescent pigment to illuminate the word “EXIT” and are suitable for installation locations where light is present when the building is occupied. Photoluminescent exit signs are the most environmentally friendly exit signs on the market and last for up to 25 years.

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If light is not present, such as in a movie theater, Greentorch self-luminous exit signs are a great alternative. These signs use an internal chemical reaction to illuminate and can last up to 20 years. Greentorch non-electrical exit signs can be used both inside and outside, in dry and wet environments. Non-electrical exit signs have a higher upfront cost than electrical LED exit signs but have the lowest long-term cost of any type of exit sign. Combine that with the savings from not having to hire an electrician and non-electrical exit signs are an easy-to-install code compliant solution.

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