LED Light Bulbs

GreenTorch™ LED CFR Series

Replace your lights and save energy while improving the look

GREENTORCH LED PL9The GreenTorch LED CFR Series is the perfect, long lasting, energy efficient replacement for your blue-white and less efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs(CFL). Operating at only 2-watts, these ultra energy efficient LED bulbs use less than 25% of the energy consumed by comparable CFL bulbs and produce a higher quality of white light.

CFL bulbs are advertised as having a "long life," but CFL's burn out before their expected lifetime when they are left on for more than six hours a day. The GreenTorch LED CFR Series is rated for a 50,000 hour life span, regardless of the number of hours it is operated each day. The GreenTorch LED CFR Series saves energy, lasts longer, and produces a higher quality light than CFL's; it's easy to switch today and start saving.