Exit Signs and LED Lighting
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  • Popular Models
  • LEC Exit Sign - Electroluminescent Electroluminescent

    At 1/4th Watt power consumption it uses 25 cents per year to operate. 30 year life expectation, superior American craftsmanship and eco-friendliness makes this sign a favorite.

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  • LEED Photoluminescent Exit Signs Photoluminescent Exit Sign

    Powers by absorbing ambient lighting. No need for electricity, batteries, or tritium. Greentorch makes the only UL Listed UV-Stablized photoluminescent signs on the market. American made, fully recyclable.

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  • Edge-lit exit sign Edge-lit Exit Signs

    Optically clear panel channels LED light to the edge creating a laser-type outer glow. Looks amazing in darkness, typically installed in high-end hotels and restaurants.

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